Imo’s Pizza

Imo's Pizza

For a true Italian meets St. Louis culinary delight take your group to Imo's, a pizza parlor franchise that began, and still thrives immensely, here in St. Louis. The pizza you will find here is the ‘original St. Louis style pizza’, a thin, crispy, Provel-topped masterpiece that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. This business began with Ed and Margie Imo, a couple within the Hill neighborhood who wanted a pizza delivery service, starting their own on Thurman and Shaw in 1964. By 1985 they had over 30 stores and a franchise deal, everyone in the city really taking advantage of the first pizza delivery service in the area.

Today Imo's has just about 100 stores total, over 15 of them in St. Louis itself. The stores are independently owned and operated, adding a local factor that most people love to support anywhere in the U.S. The warehouse and headquarters are located in downtown St. Louis on Delmar, the warehouse sitting at 72,000 square feet and the office at 10,000 square feet.

The difference in this pizza from others is the use of Provel cheese instead of mozzarella, and the thinness of the crust. Here you will find ‘thin, crisp crust, homemade sauce, 100% Provel cheese, the finest freshest toppings cooked edge to edge.’ Try the square-sliced (not traditionally sliced) Deluxe, Veggie, BBQ Chicken, All Meat, or popular Egg-Ceptional pizzas, you really won’t regret it!


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