Indian Spring Park

Indian Spring Park

Welcome to Indian Spring Park, one of Waco's most popular, as well as most beautiful, public park spots. This is an EXCELLENT spot for your students to regroup, grab a quick picnic lunch or dinner, and enjoy some fresh Waco air (and sights!)

This park is located in Downtown Waco just west of the Brazos River, the park holding the historic Waco Suspension Bridge within its confines, as well as the 'Branding the Brazos' Statue series. Robert Summers was the artists behind this grand display, with 3 bronze riders and 25 longhorns representing the Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive.

The aforementioned suspension bridge is a huge part of the history of this town, as well, first opening in 1870, then being the longest single-span bridge west of Mississippi. The cable from this bridge was supplied by John Rubeling Co, the same used in the Brooklyn Bridge, and holds a total of 3 million individual bricks.

Local city history with great views to boot? Indian Spring Park is the place to be!

Take a look at this quick overview below, as well as one over Martin Luther King Jr Park just east of the river.


MLK Jr. Park