Information You Need to Know When Signing with AST

In this series, AST will walk you through the process of planning and registering a group trip, from your initial proposal to required forms and timelines!

So buckle up and let's get started!

PART 1: AST Group Travel Services

Adventure Student Travel was founded in 1998 by educators wanting to provide students and teachers with high-quality educational trips at a reasonable cost. We provide custom tours to DC, NYC, Chicago, and beyond, and cater to any age group or focus. We specialize in large group travel and are members of both SYTA and ABA.

PART 2: Initial Proposal

When making an initial proposal we will ask you questions regarding your desired destination, your particular role with the group, your desired travel dates, your budget, and your payment plan. We will ask if you need transportation, meals, and/or a tour guide provided in your package. Once we figure this out we will send a sample itinerary for you to look over and make any necessary changes. Our initial trip cost has factors based on 'good faith estimates', so keep in mind transportation prices may change before you travel.

PART 3: Recruitment & the Parent Meeting

This part is all about engaging interest, collecting deposits, and setting up parent meetings.  Watch the video for a sample timeline for meetings, from one month before to the day of! Remember to call us and update after this step/meeting!

PART 4: Agreement & Payments

Once everyone is on board with the trip and making deposits your next step is to deal with contracts and payment plans. This is the time to make any last-minute changes and go over your final count, trip cost, and travel packet. Payment plans should be set in place and the legally binding contracts should be signed. After your final payment, you will have your official rooming list, attraction tickets, and final itinerary.

PART 5: Required Forms & Timeline

The required forms and timelines for these forms are very important. Here is an idea of forms required:

Permission Release Form and Travel Protection Waivers, due with deposit.
Rooming List, due 60 days before the travel date.
Waivers for attractions.
Airline Manifest.

This may seem overwhelming, but don't worry, we will provide you with a handy due date reference sheet.

Check out our FAQ page for further questions!