Itinerary Feature: Chicago Shopping Experience

The Windy City may mess up your hair, but it won’t mess up your fashion-forward shopping and education plans, that’s for sure!

Fashionistas, design students, and Chicago lovers in general get ready for one of our most popular fashion based student trips, our 3-Day Chicago Shopping Experience! This extended weekend Chi-town adventure will allow you to see all the city's finest showrooms, galleries, and shops, as well as all of Chicago's most iconic attractions in general.

By immersing yourselves in such a fashion-forward city's bustling daily design happenings you are furthering, or perhaps just beginning, a passion for fashion that will only grow from here!

Chicago Shopping Tour



The coolest thing about this itinerary is it was designed to allow plenty of flexibility and customization, so if your students want to hit the showrooms the first day, that's fine! Want to skip out on the Navy Pier? (Which we would never, ever suggest doing, by the way). Go ahead, we'll find something for your group to replace it!

Here are the top fashionista sites your group will see along the way:

  • Kinzie State Showrooms -  Helen Newman, Andi Mazzone, Outfit Chicago
  • Merchant Mart 9th Floor -  360 Cashmere, Argo Furs, Central Park West
  • Shops at North Bridge 

Check out all the details on our itinerary page, and then give us a call and set it up for your group today!

Chicago Shopping Tour

Chicago Shopping Tour


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