Jackson Covered Bridge

 Covered_Bridge_Jackson_NHJackson Covered Bridge, more commonly known by locals and tourists alike as Honeymoon Bridge, is a local landmark in Jackson, New Hampshire. This wooden covered bridge carries Village Street across the Ellis River, just south of the confluence of the Ellis and the Wildcat River. This Paddleford Truss bridge was first constructed in 1876, a bridge of 121 by 26 feet that was built by Charles Austin Broughton and his son Frank. Charles was a sort of local hero, a Civil War vet who ran a successful dairy farm and carpentry business. The building of this bridge helped trade, traffic, and overall morale with its convenient and simple beauty.

Honeymoon Bridge, as mentioned before, is a local icon, a widely photographed landmark that tends to attract visitors and tourists more often than surrounding attractions. This bridge is one out of twenty total examples of Paddleford Truss designed bridges, and is valued for its rarity as much as it purpose and beauty. Its name evolved to what it is today, Honeymoon Bridge, around the mid 1950s after a wide standing tradition of young lovers kissing under it for luck. This stop is purely for your groups viewing pleasures, so be sure to bring a camera with plenty of film to capture it in all of its historic glory. You may just want to try to sneak a smooch on your crush while here as well, it is good luck after all!