Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach ( Puntarenas)

Costa Rican Beach

Costa Rican Beach

High tides and memorable rides await at Jaco Beach, an oceanside hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Here at Jaco Beach, your group can enjoy some of the best water recreation options in the area, as well as one of the best nightlife and cuisine scenes.

The beach itself stretches 4 km, or 2.5 miles, long and is unique in the fact that it is actually a grey-sand beach. The waves are great here for surfing, though you may want to swim at your own risk on days in which the rip tide is particularly high. Large surf breaks, clean and calm waters, and the opportunity for entertaining water activities make this beach so great.

The town of Jaco itself is best described as a 'bustling beach town', a laid-back community supporting several ornate and gorgeous properties, cutting-edge restaurants, and amazing sunset views. Many call Jaco a 'one stop shop' experience, the area providing guests with both nightlife and wildlife. While here your group can take ATV tours, boat or kayak, go on a safari, horseback ride, white water raft, deep sea fish, or of course, surf.