Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown - historic house. First English settlement in the Americas.

A fabulous living history museum based on the first successful English settlement in America, Jamestown Settlement is a blast from the past. Student groups of all ages will enjoy walking through the village center, past reconstructed landmarks and even a full Native American village with live demonstrators and actors. This fully immersive historical park is fabulously authentic and wonderfully educational, a true living museum.

Located mere miles away from where the true Jamestown Settlement was located, the Williamsburg attraction draws in thousands of visitors every year, many of them school groups on educational adventures. There's a myriad of things to see and do at Jamestown Settlement. See historical films and introductory videos to get you in the time period, walk through art galleries and exhibits containing real historical artifacts, and then see the real deal. Explore James Fort, a fully recreated area containing a church, storehouse, offices and more, appearing as it would have in the early 17th century. Or, see how the colonists arrived in the New World by visiting the three recreated tall ships, based on the 1607 ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. You can even climb aboard and see where everyone slept, ate, and lived on a long journey!

Before you leave, you'll have to stop by the Powhatan Indian Village and see how the Native Americans of New England lived. The recreated village features reed-thatched huts, demonstrations on how they prepared food, carved canoes, and planted crops, and much more! Students are welcome to interact with the interpreters and ask questions about life in 17th century Jamestown.

There are a number of scheduled events, including Jamestown Day which occurs every anniversary of the settlement on May 14th. At the park, there are also several dining and shopping options to keep your group busy and happy during your day of touring.