Jewish Museum of Maryland

Jewish Museum of Maryland

We are finding new stories all the time, and the stories we keep will make you question, make you laugh, make you think and feel deeply—no matter who you are—because it is stories that make us human. - Jewish Museum of Maryland

Welcome to the Jewish Museum of Maryland, the cultural institution located on the Herbert Bearman Campus, on Lloyd Street in Baltimore. This regional museum tells the story of the American Jewish experience in the city of Baltimore and throughout the state of Maryland through various rotating gallery shows, talks, videos, and synagogue exhibitions.

Inside this museum, your group will find 12,000 objects, over 68,000 photographs, 850 oral histories, 2 historic synagogues, and 3 galleries. Some examples of exhibits you can see during your visit include the current (2021) Jews in Space: Members of The Tribe in Orbit, Voices of Lombard Street, and The Synagogue Speaks. We highly suggest your group take a Synagogue Tour during your visit, a docent-led tour that will take you back in time to 'explore the stories of our historic buildings, the Lloyd Street Synagogue and B'nai Israel'. These tours take about 45-50 minutes and they will teach you all about the congregation that has prayed here for over 100 years, the Lloyd Street Synagogue being the oldest synagogue in the state and third oldest overall (built in 1845).

Student groups in particular will have several additional learning options, with many interactive programs onsite, as well as educational guides with classroom curricula available for educators. The programs available to groups include the investigative themes of immigration, Judaism, Baltimore, and Holocaust education. There are even professional development options for teams visiting.

Join us in inspiring students to explore history, take action, and imagine a better future. - Jewish Museum of Maryland