John James Audubon Center

John James Audubon: House

Credit: Welcome Library, London. Welcome Images

Spend your day at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove, the historic home and outdoor appreciation center located off of Pawlings Road in Audubon. This area is dedicated to American birds and shows this through a museum and bird sanctuary that serve as a living memorial to the American legend, John James Audubon. This was the first home in America of the artist and naturalist and the only true Audubon home still standing in the United States. Here you and your group will find over 175 species of birds, five hiking trails, and an interactive Audubon Museum, all nestled deep within the scenic backdrop of the Lower Providence township of Pennsylvania.

While here your group can choose from several different activities, such as the environmental education programs, bird and wildlife watching, walking trails, live owl observation, or the many galleries at the museum. You will learn all about the property history, Mill Grove history, the property mines, and so very much about birds! Explore all five miles of marked trails that attract over 20,000 visitors per year, many of those guests including scout and school groups. Be sure to check if there are any of the four major public events happening while you are here, this establishment being an important part of the social and community fabric in Audubon. Enjoy your evening with the story of the "stirring of American Conservation movement and the protection of birds, wildlife, and habitat through the art of John James Audubon." (Please note that as of now, 2/8/16, the museum is currently closed for renovations. Check center website upon planning for reopen date within 2016). Don’t forget to sign up for any onsite birding classes or lectures in which you can learn all about local Mill Grove birds, are extinctions, pass pigeons, and much more about American Birds.