Jungle Island

IMG_0334Welcome to Jungle Island, Miami’s premier entertainment destination that combines the beauty of a tropical landscape with a jungle full of extraordinary animals. This interactive zoological park is located on Watson Island in Miami and was first opened in 1936. 75 years of successful history combined with the 22 acres of prime naturally beautiful land makes this contemporary theme park the brightest and most unique destination in Miami! Originally called Parrot Island, this piece of land is home to nearly 3,000 different animal, bird, and plant species, particularly beloved for its over 300 birds, one of which includes the world’s only trained Cassowary. Today Jungle Island is also highly loved for its extremely rare twin orangutans, Peanut and Pumpkin. You can also see Jake and Hanna the orangutans, various red kangaroos, baboons, and even lions!

Once here your group may become overwhelmed with options of things to do, with several exhibits, trails, and petting zoos. Some of the special exhibits include the Primate Chat, Penguin Exhibit, Tortoise Exhibit, and Lion’s Den, as well as daily tours, attractions, and shows. Catch any of the three shows available constantly at the park, all three featuring "winged or wild" information. Within the 135 miles of winding, covered trails your group will also see unusual flora, such as the African sausage Tree or several rare Cycads. It will be easy to see why thousands of visitors per year come to Jungle Island, especially after a bite to eat at Lakeside Cafe. Be sure to stop by Island Treasures and Gifts to pick up your perfect souvenir or island memoir!