KC Repertory Theater

KC Repertory Theater

KC Rep A Christmas Carol '15 Photo by Don Ipock

KC Rep
A Christmas Carol '15
Photo by Don Ipock

End your evening with a show at the KC Repertory Theater, one of the finest performing arts centers in the area. Located on the UMKC campus, this theater puts on regular shows that are ‘compelling, passionate, and imaginative’, and they have been doing so since 1964. That’s 5 decades of fantastic entertainment that even TIME Magazine and the Wall Street Journal have recognized (Venice, Year's Best Musical TIME, The Glass Menagerie, #2 in Country’s Best Shows of 2009, Wall Street).

The mainstage plays and special events here are put together by over 250 professional artists, technicians, and stage administrators, their hard work bringing in over 100,000 patrons each year. The nationally recognized works here are praised for their exceptional and highly creative productions of stage classics and musicals, with such works as Sweeny Todd, A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, and A Christmas Carol currently filling the performance slots.

If you happen to be here during the day for a visit opt in for a guided tour, the theater always welcoming student groups and potential drama gurus. There is really convenient motorcoach parking available here as well.