Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery

...a chilling opportunity for ordinary people with a passion for cold-blooded murder... slippery red herrings... diabolical clues... and ingenious detective work to indulge themselves in one of the most unusual, exhilarating, and funny experiences they've ever had! - Keith and Margo's

Prepare yourselves for an enchanting night on the town filled with delicious foods, fantastic entertainment, and harrowing murder.

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery first opened in 1985 and has been providing a unique and unforgettable dining experience since then. With bases in Los Angeles (Daily Grill Santa Monica), Dallas (Old Mill Inn), and New York City (Ruth Chris Steakhouse), Keith and Margo's is unique in the fact that it also travels across the U.S to perform, with new cities posted weekly.

The Los Angeles version of Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery happens at the Daily Grill Santa Monica each Saturday at 7 pm. Once you arrive you will meet your host, grab a nametag, and read your Welcome Letter, which is filled with instructions and suggested questions as you interrogate your fellow dinner guests. You will soon be seated and served your first course, just as the first body hits the floor. Spend your evening asking questions, making guesses, and enjoying a delicious 3-course meal. After you've finished your tilapia, chicken piccata, grilled skirt steak, or pasta Pomodoro the crime will be solved, arrests will be made, and prizes will be awarded to those who guessed correctly. There is a reason the LA Times has called Keith and Margo 'the masterminds of the genre'!

There are options for 'Weekend Experiences' and in-depth teambuilding, the latter of which provides a real educational experience as you try to solve a double homicide with the CSI team within 3 hours. The Weekend Experiences happen all across America, some popular locations being The Queen Mary in Long Beach Ca, The Graylyn Estate in Salem NC, and the Strater Hotel in Durango Co.