Kent-DeLord House Museum

The Kent-DeLord House Museum is Plattsburgh's only historic house museum, a member of the National Register of Historic Places list as well as the oldest home remaining in all of Plattsburgh. This historic home was built in 1797, celebrating over 200 years of essential American history. Here you will find the hope, struggles, and fears that the DeLord family had through a century of war then peace then war again! After Fannie Hall died in 1913 the DeLord family line ended, and her will gifted any and all of her historic relics to a museum. Thus, all the DeLord and Webb family heirlooms, original 1811 furnishings, and personal objects have found a permanent home in this museum. This museum was funded originally in 1914 by Jeanette Tuttle and the Daughters of the Revolution, and was restored and opened after 1924.

Inside, your group will find many authentic portraits, furniture, dinnerware, books, letters, and personal items that span the family's three generations of residents. The house itself is a two-story, rectangular wood frame home with a gable roof, large entrance porch, and brick chimneys. The museum strives to provide a unique educational experience based on authentic objects and stories of the Delord family and helps guests explore the challenges of daily life set against a backdrop of a new country at war. Take a tour or explore the grounds yourself, but be sure to check out the War of 1812 International Peace Garden either way, a beautiful memorial that also serves as a great picturesque photo opportunity.