Kentucky Science Center

Kentucky Science Center

If your group is looking for entertainment, education, and excellent exhibits explaining scientific wonders all in one, the Kentucky Science Center is for you!

This learning center is Kentucky's largest hands-on science museum, with 3 floors packed with exhibits and an onsite 4 -story movie screen. This center has a long-standing relationship with Louisville, first founded in 1871. It considers itself to be the state's top 'entertainment and education resource for everyday life', the perfect daytime stop for locals and visitors alike.

There are 3 ways to see the museum:

  1. Exhibits - Self Guided Tour of Museum
  2. Movies - Choose 1 Feature Film, with Options from Documentaries to Hollywood Blockbusters. (3D format).
  3. Combo - Both of the Above.

The exhibits you will see include Science in Play, Discovery Gallery (be sure to see the Gemini Trainer in this gallery), The World We Create, The World Around Us, and The World in Us. Your group can choose to take a class while here as well, diving much deeper into the various subjects you will see in play throughout the exhibits. There are options for pre-k - 5th-grade classes, each lasting 45 minutes and including topics ranging from Shapes of Science to Transition of Matter. Then there are classes for 6- 12 grade, each lasting 90 minutes, with the same subjects offered but at a much more in-depth level.

Be sure to hit the gift shop before you go and look around for some educational resources or museum souvenirs, they have 'gifts and gadgets for all ages'.