Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival

Once a year, at the bottom of the Florida Keys, you can find a diver dressed as “Mick Jawfish” playing “Rolling Stone Crab” covers,  or perhaps as “Paul McCarpney” blowing on a "sea-phan flute" along to “Octopus’ Garden.”

No, this isn’t a clever idea for Disney-Pixar’s next film – this is the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival.

For 30 years, the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival has been broadcasting a radio playlist down to divers in the Looe Key, part of the continental United States' only living coral barrier reef.

Founded by Bill Becker, current coordinator and music director, the idea behind the event is to raise awareness for coral preservation. Local artist August Powers creates bright copper instruments for the divers to mimic performance, including "manta-lins" and "clambourines" (what’s a good festival without excellent puns, right?).

Past themes have ranged from 2008's "EEL-ection Antics", featuring "Barackuda Obama,” "Hillary Clin-Tuna" and “John McClam", to 2012’s "Reefality Show", featuring "Underwater Idol," "Dancing with the Starfish" and "Subsea Survivor."

As many as 600 divers come out each year to support the cause and have a blast.