Keystone Heritage Park

Keystone Heritage Park

Welcome to the Keystone Heritage Park and Desert Botanical Garden, the 52-acre park located in El Paso, Texas.

This park contains botanical gardens, wetlands, and the remains of an ancient village, the attraction providing a fun mix of education covering local horticulture, geography, biology, and archaeology.

The archaeology site is considered to be one of the largest and oldest of its kind in the United States (National Geographic), a 2-acre site that was first discovered in the 1970s. It is believed that the village and remains found are 4,000 + years old!

The wetlands here provide a look into the bosque that once lined the Rio Grande in this area, the area known for its bird and wildlife watching opportunities. There are over 206 species of birds known to travel along this migratory path.

One of our favorite parts of Keystone Heritage Park is the Desert Botanical Garden, which features several different garden sections that include a Children's Garden, Moonlight Garden, Butterfly Garden, Cactus/Succulent Garden, Sensory and Culinary Garden, Healing Garden, and a Formal Garden. There is also a Xenic Demonstration Garden, showing guests water-wise landscaping methods.

There are also several different ponds, history exhibits, and an amphitheater on-site, so plan to spend a few hours exploring the park in its entirety.

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