La Jolla Kayak and Snorkel Tour

La Jolla Beach Families -Courtesy Joanne DiBona, SanDiego.orgLa Jolla Kayak Company is the premiere ocean kayaking and snorkeling exploration outfit in all of San Diego County. La Jolla Kayak has been showing locals and tourists from around the world the excellent cliffs and caves within their cove since 1996, almost 20 years of giving guests an unforgettable and educational tour of La Jolla! One of the most popular aspects of this tour is the fact that you will be able to paddle and snorkel the 6,000 acre underwater reserve, showing spectacular reef communities and life native to Southern California in a highly fun and highly immersive type  of way!

On this Kayak & Snorkeling tour your group will get to cruise along the surface by kayak then dive in to snorkel around the Seven Caves or swim with the regionally popular Leopard Shark gliding just feet beneath you. The guides will point out any hidden wildlife along the way and ensure that you are all kept safe the entire time. All equipment you may need will be included with the tour, such as a mask, snorkel, fins, and a wetsuit. There is truly no better way to fully experience the beautiful marine life of the sprawling underwater park, including also Sea Lions and Garibaldi. Enjoy the scenic vistas of the Seven Caves and Sea Cliffs as well, as you take it all in with this ultimately fun and educational journey underwater!