Lava Tree State Park

Lava Tree State Monument

Get ready for more exciting lava-filled adventures as your group now spends some time exploring Lava Tree State Park. This public park is located just 2.7 miles southeast of Pahoa in southern Puna District. The heavily forested area here preserves the stunning lava molds of tree trunks formed in 1790, when a lava flow swept abruptly through the area. The lava, at a liquid state of 2000 degrees fahrenheit, buried the Chia trees at points 11 feet deep in molten mess. The molten lava mixed with the cool wet trees instantly made molds, so intricate that the imprint of the bark can still be seen today in different places. Soon after a fissure opened, the lava drained, and the molds stayed, providing excellent black stumps today with tiny green plants growing all over them.

While here your group will also get to explore the total 17.1 acres of native Hawaiian plants, trees, and wildlife. There is an easily accessible paved trail around the park that typically takes about half an hour to an hour to hike. You will see so much greenery here, vining plants and trees making a magnificent tunnel of orchids, bamboo, and lava tree molds. Check out all the various tropical wildlife on your adventure, many rare tropical birds to be seen among the trees. Be sure to wear good hiking/walking shoes, bring rain gear just in case, wear sunscreen, and bring a camera to capture all the native Hawaiian beauty and lava mold phenomena!