Learn the Hula

hawaiian-hula-dancers-377653_960_720Your group definitely won’t be disappointed with the Hawaiian Island Hula! This activity is an ancient practice that sheds light on local Polynesian roots and Hawaiian cultural evolution. While here you will learn all you can about the Hula, the uniquely Hawaiian dance with a chant and/or song that symbolizes various personal stories, traditions, and cultures. Learn about its beginnings on Molokai Island and have the opportunity to study how this art form turned into a worldwide symbol of Hawaiian people and culture.

There are a couple different styles of Hula to learn, one being Hula Auana, the more modern/western music-filled hula that is overall more fluid, or the Hula Kahiko, the ancient version with dramatic chants, percussion, and traditional costumes. Here at the Royal Hawaiian Center on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, you can even take to the stage after learning the dance. This establishment is actually a well-respected school with Kumu Hula, or teachers, who have complete faith you’ll get the hang of it.

This establishment also oftentimes hosts different festivals and competitions, as well as live local performances at surrounding hotels and resorts, so you may just happen to visit during a much larger hula and culture learning opportunity. For instance each March there is a world-wide competition here, the Merrie Monarch Festival, an absolutely breath-taking time to be in Oahu!