Legends in Concert – Myrtle Beach

Legends in Concert - Myrtle Beach

Join all your favorite singers at Broadway at the Beach with a Legends in Concert show, one of the most popular, exciting, and talent-filled shows in the city! Legends in Concert has regularly changing celebrity look-alikes performing hit songs with backup dancers, a full band, and excellent stage lighting and effects. You can see anyone here from Elvis and the Blues Brothers to Dolly Parton and Nat King Cole!

Legends in Concert isn't only here in Myrtle Beach, it has several performing locations throughout the U.S such as Branson, Vegas, Waikiki, and Atlantic City. The show has been called the 'worlds greatest live tribute show', the 'show of shows', and the 'show of the year' by various media outlets, and has seen millions of guests in the 34 years it has been around. The Legends in Concert hit show first debuted in Las Vegas in 1983, coming a long way since then!

Take a look at what you can expect during your visit below, and also remember to plan extra time for this outing for some shopping and dining at Broadway at the Beach before or after the show!