Levine Museum of the New South

Levine Museum of the New South

The Levine Museum of the New South is one of the most insightful and educational museums to visit with your students while in Charlotte, this history museum putting a focus on life in the North Carolina Piedmont area in the post-civil war era.

Inside you will find several interactive exhibits explaining the 'sights, sounds, and ideas that illumine and enliven this history', the current exhibits being Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers, K(no)w Justice K(no)w Peace, Splendid Service:Camp Greene and the Making of News City, and Let Love Rain. Though these will probably not be the ones you see in the future during your visit, as they are regularly changing, they do give you a good idea of the type of subjects that will be explored during your visit.

The experience overall will give you a newfound knowledge of the New South boom, textile industry, bible belt, old southern roots, and immigration from 1865 to today. Groups of 10 or more can take exhibit tours, take part in facilitated dialogues, or set up an educational session that goes beyond the classroom and textbook.

So, are you ready to 'deepen [your] understanding and increase [your] knowledge of our past, learn how it shaped our present, and consider how it affects our future'? Great! Give us a call!

For more background on the history presented at this museum, take a look at Dr. Tom Hanchett's article!

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