Lewis & Clark Landing

Lewis & Clark Landing

While in Omaha take your student group to the Lewis and Clark Landing, the 23-acre public park that sits along the riverwalk of the scenic Missouri River.

This historically important site commemorates the original Lewis and Clark landing in 1804. Learn all about these explorers at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Visitor Center, where you can follow the men's journey, meet with Park Rangers, and gather information on more spots to visit along the full Lewis and Clark Trail.

After viewing the exhibits be sure to walk along the Riverfront Trail, visit the marina, and see the historic monument up close.  Take the circular stairway to the river-level plaza and enjoy the views at any of the umbrella-covered tables. There is an additional Omaha Firefighters Memorial Monument here, as well as the second-largest Labor monument in the United States.

This park area also features frequent outdoor concerts and festivals, for additional entertainment and recreation options!


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