Log Cabin Pancakes

pancakes gatlinburg )The flapjack industry is no joke in Tennessee, especially in Gatlinburg as most of the mountain-terrain towns are hungry for great, down-home style, stick to your bones pancakes, crepes, and flapjacks each morning. While there are several different places within Gatlinburg with above average pancake choices, our personal favorite is Log Cabin Pancakes.

Log Cabin Pancakes is a simple, rustic restaurant that serves flapjacks and crepes that will impress you, your taste buds, and your stomach! They also serve an amazing southern-style hot lunch buffet. Log Cabin is open everyday from 7 am to 2 pm only, a highly popular choice for both locals and tourists on early mornings or late lunches near the national park. In fact, Log Cabin Pancakes is actually located right off of the Historic Nature Trail Road in Gatlinburg, making it the perfect stop to fuel up on energy and excellent food before heading out for a big hike.

At Log Cabin Pancakes you and your group will find country ham, biscuits and gravy, and an amazing, secret in-house Royale Sauce that only three people total know the recipe of (it's a thick and delicious cream cheese based sauce). The pancakes are large in both size and flavor, and you can find them almost any way you want them! Try the old fashioned cakes, log cabin cornmeal, buckwheat, wild blueberry, orange pineapple, peach, pecan, spiced apple, or pigs in a blanket style cakes, crepes, and jacks while here, or perhaps just opt for delicious waffles or omelets. For lunch you will enjoy a great soup, salad, or hot buffet style southern lunch, complete with their popular patty melts and chuckwagon sandwiches. This place really embraces that southern down home comfort and cooking style, and likes to think of itself as a "nostalgic step back in time when life was simpler, meals were hearty, and the people were friendly!"

*We feel obligated to mention a few other pancake palace options while in town, such as the ferociously popular Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin, serving excellent Reese's and banana cakes, the Pancake Pantry, with over 50 years of experience and 4,800 flipped cakes served a day, or the Food Network featured Atrium Pancakes, boasting over 25 unique and delicious flavors such as the all-time favorite Baked Granny Smith Apple cakes or Caribbean coconut and banana cakes!