Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Start your morning out in LA by paying homage to a serious cultural icon in the region, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. This strikingly bold and beautiful building is located within the Pan Pacific Park in the Fairfax District, first established here in 1961. los_angeles_museum_of_the_holocaustConsidered to be the oldest of its kind, this museum focuses on the ‘remembrance and preservation of the history, stories, victims, and tragic events of the Holocaust during World War II’.  Free to any visitor, this is one of the most affordable and most moving things you can do while in L.A, both culturally and historically speaking. This is your opportunity to see a preserved collection of real Holocaust artifacts from those who survived the horror themselves, the perfect opportunity for both education and remembrance.

Inside the museum you and your group will be able to explore and discover several different artifacts that are presented in a non-objective way, meaning that they are all original artifacts that are meant to further the effects of an individual story. Most exhibits inside are technology heavy and interactive, making the learning experience all that much more enjoyable for your group. Take a look at the moving Memory Pool in the World That Was, showing the lives of European Jewish community members prior to WWII, or see all the tragedy in the over 18 different displays in the Extermination and Death Camps Rooms. Tours around the museum are free, highly popular options for school or church groups with 12-140 members in them. Get an overview of the history, a look at the artifacts, and an explanation of the exhibits with this 1 hour tour option, or opt in for a 2.5 hour Survivor Talk. Try to save some extra time to take a look at the library or archives onsite, too, if you can.

*NOTE: Flash photography is not allowed inside.