Los Angeles Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

Located across the Los Angeles Ri

Gorilla - silverback gorilla looking at camera.

ver, well within the lush, landscaped greenery of Griffith Park is the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The City of Los Angeles manages and supports the conservation of over 1,100 animals including over 250 species, 29 of which are endangered. The L.A. Zoo is a constantly evolving institution, bringing in new animals and create exciting and inspiring exhibits to enthrall the visitors and protect the exotic creatures and plants.

Wander through and explore the newest exhibit, Rainforest of the Americas, an extensively detailed exhibit built to show how full of life the rainforest is from the highest canopies to the ground floor. Visit over 60 species at the LAIR, Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles exhibits or the Elephants of Asia enclosures which highlight the cultural connections between humans and elephants. See endangered and unique species including Sumatran tigers, mountain tapir, mandrills, okapi, snow leopard, and the Cape griffon vulture. See two families of western lowland gorillas at the Campo Gorilla Reserve then visit the marine mammals at the Sea Life Cliffs.  

Let your group wander through the exhibits as they please or schedule a guided tour to learn about the animals from trained experts. Adults are offered classes and programs taught by experts in zoology on topics such as animal behavioral studies with up-close connections with the animals. Groups and schools are also offered scheduled, guided programs as are children with the specialized Zoo Camps and Zoo Overnight specials.