Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville Waterfront Park

Perhaps the biggest public meeting spot and tourist attraction in Louisville overall is the Lousiville Waterfront Park. This 85-acre park is adjacent to the downtown district and sets right on the Ohio River. Some people like to call it the 'front door to Kentucky'.

Water features, playgrounds, green space, picnic spots, and even an onsite eatery (Joe's Crab Shack) will greet you at the park, as well as the Swing Garden, Adventure Playground, and Rowing Center. You can spend your time fishing, taking a scenic cruise, kayaking, biking, or taking a short thrill ride on the Scream Machine Jet Boat.

Here are the main attractions onsite:

  • Big Four Bridge
    • Connects to Jeffersonville Indiana and has an excellent LED display at night. (See video below).
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Kent Grove 
    • Native trees of the area, such as the Kentucky Coffee Tree.
  • Gracehoper Statue Tony Smith
  • Tetra Statue Charles o Perry
  • Flock of Finns Statue Marvin Finn.
  • Belle of Louisville
    • The oldest operating Mississipi style steamboat in the world.

From a spot where native buffalo roamed and crossed the river to a seriously hot public park spot, Louisville Waterfront Park is a must see in Louisville (well, you can't really miss it!).

*Be sure to check any live events that may be happening during your visit, oftentimes you can catch a concert, festival, or entertainment event during summer evenings.