Louisville Zoo

Louisville Zoo

 “Better the Bond Between People and Our Planet”

Welcome to the Louisville Zoo, or more formally, the Louisville Zoological Gardens. Serving as the state zoo of Kentucky as well as an award-winning AZA member, this zoo seriously sets the standards for great animal care and education.

Founded in 1962, the Louisville Zoo has a long-standing history of putting in optimal conservation effort, especially regarding endangered animals. They actually have a notable program involving the Black-Footed Ferret, the most endangered species in North America.

There are 134 acres comprising the zoo, holding over 1200 animals in thematic habitats throughout. You will find Glacier Run, Africa, Islands, New World, Australian Outback, and the HerpAquarium. Glacier Run, Islands, and Gorilla Forest are the award-winning exhibits, the honor bestowed by the American Zoo Association (AZA).

While here your group can take part in any scheduled animal encounters or training sessions, or just wander the zoo themselves. There are catering and field trip options, as well as onsite concessions (12 eateries and snack stands total), picnic areas, playgrounds, gift shops, rides, and attractions. Take a ride on the ZooTram Shuttle or Train or head to the Splash Park to cool down.

Whatever you choose to do during your visit, we guarantee you are going to learn something new, and have tons of fun doing it!