Lower East Side Walking Tour

Lower Manhattan Cityscape in New York City.

The Lower East Side neighborhood is one of the oldest, most historically significant and complex quarters in all of America. On this Lower East Side Walking Tour your group will see several neighborhoods and enclaves including East Village, Little Italy, the Bowery, and Chinatown. On this journey you will discover a sample of America's great melting pot, a blend of cultural diversity and rich history that is truly unlike any other place in New York. On the Lower East Side Food Walking Tour you will also experience all the great food from these diverse cultural niches, a conglomerate of Old World recipes that will allow you to taste authentic potato knish, bialy, and pletzels!

These streets will tell the stories of struggling immigrants on every corner, allowing you to see a variety of cultural hotspots. Visit a historical synagogue that is adjacent to a Bulgarian Punk Discotech, check out all the oldest and most new art and architecture throughout the neighborhood, learn about life on each street, master Yiddish phrases, and redefine your palate with world wide treats. The walking tour takes about two hours, and afterwards you will have the chance to visit the gift shop, visitor center, or any of the myriad of different niche shops and eateries! This is the best way to immerse yourself deep into the city of New York, beyond the busy streets, neon signs, and shopping bag society of downtown.