Lynnhaven House

Since no trip to Virginia Beach would be complete without an educational and historical perspective, be sure to save plenty of time for a step back in time at the Lynnhaven House. Complete with approximately 85% of its original materials, the Lynnhaven House is one of the last and best preserved buildings in the country from its time, having been built in 1725.

Named after the river it faces, this historical house spectacularly reflects the early Virginian vernacular architecture as well as the social and economic status of its builder, Francis Thelaball. Inside you will find brick jack arches, closed-spindle staircases, and original ship’s lap floor, as well as volunteer tour guides dressed in clothing from the 18th century. Learn about the plantation's roots, the families that have lived within, and also the cash crops that grew around and supported the estate. Outside you will find more than five acres of lush woods and gardens, including those devoted to cotton, flax, peanuts, herbs, and tobacco.

The house also provides a learning experience in the ways of surviving without technology and boasts the use of no running water or electricity still today in this wonderfully preserved piece of Virginia Beach history.