Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

MagnoliaPlantationHouse 500px.jpgThinking of the American South often evokes images of enchanted groves of ancient oak trees dangling branches over cobblestone roads and lush gardens of roses surrounding plantation homes. Lucky for you, there's no better place to find that wonderland than here.

Magnolia Plantation is situated on the scenic, languid Ashley River whose drawling attitude lends an equal personality to the estate. Sprawling over 464 acres, the plantation and grounds is one of the oldest in the entire South dating back to 1676 when the famous Charleston Drayton family built the property for rice production. After an Episcopal reverend inherited the property in the 1840s, the good pastor abandoned the rice fields and began to lovingly develop the property's gardens for which they are now renowned.

Today, the house operates as a museum and the grounds are open for touring. The specific themed gardens include the Barbados Tropical Garden, the Biblical Garden featuring plants from the Old and New Testaments, a Camellia collection, and many others besides, all showing off the beautiful Southern belle personality of Magnolia Plantation. Both historic and enchanting, you can't find more of South Carolina in one attraction than here at Magnolia.