Manitoba Legislative Building

Manitoba Legislative Building

Inside Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Canada

The Manitoba Legislative Building serves as the meeting place of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, an active parliament building that is considered to be the finest provincial legislative building in the country.

The building itself was completed in 1920, standing 77 metres tall and featuring one of Manitoba's most beloved local residents, 'Golden Boy', who sits high atop the building.

Visit this neoclassical building and observe proceedings of the Legislative Assembly when it is in session from the vantage point of the Visitors Gallery, or take a building and grounds tour. Professionally guided tours will show you around the building and explain its history and architecture, as well as the statues and plaques throughout the grounds. These tours are free, with special school tours available from September through June.

There are also various special tours of the grounds such as the Hermetic Code Tour, which explores the various symbols and hidden meanings behind the buildings 'mystical design'. Learn about Freemason symbols, hieroglyphic inscriptions, and numerological codes built into the building with this Canada Signature Experience.