An unparalleled ocean and land experience that the whole family will enjoy.

Welcome to MarineLand, a premier theme park located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. This popular attraction serves as marine park, zoo, and amusement park all in one, offering guests countless opportunities to learn about marine animals and have tons of fun while doing it.

During your visit, you will be able to explore sea mammal and land animal exhibits, enjoy various amusement park rides, experience the thrill and sense of wonder that comes from an up close encounter with dolphins, beluga whales and sea lions.  You will also see penguins and even an orca whale, as well as several common Canadian land animals like deer, black bears, bison, and more.

Here are the attractions spread throughout the park:

  • Arctic® Cove –  You have the unique opportunity to get up close to beluga whales and talk with passionate and dedicated animal care team members about these friendly white whales.
  • Friendship Cove - View the resident orca whale from both above and below.
  • Land Animals - Visit the zoo portion of the park holding North American Black Bears, Bison, Elk, Red Deer, and Fallow Deer.
  • Polar Splash - Cool off in the splash park with over 150 themed sprayers and jets.
  • Rides -  Enjoy rides such as the Orca Screamer, Bumble Bee, Ocean Odyssey, Sky Screamer®, and Dragon Mountain® roller coaster, that are spread throughout the park, ranging from toddler friendly to extreme thrills.
  • Penguin Palace - A place to watch the flightless birds play and swim about.
  • Educational Presentation – Sit and watch an educational and heartwarming presentation at the King Waldorf® Stadium featuring dolphin, beluga whale and sea lion ambassadors that will leave you with a better understanding of and deep appreciation for these wondrous marine mammals.
  • Dining - Stop for a bite to eat at the Hungry Bear cafe-style eatery, or perhaps any of the many food kiosks scattered throughout the park.
  • Arcade - Enjoy video and arcade games within King Waldorf’s Palace, or perhaps opt to board the MarineLand Express train.
  • Gift Shop - Pick up your perfect MarineLand souvenir or educational materials before you go!

*Note* This park is seasonal and is only open each year from Mid-May through Mid-October.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some attractions and services may not be available or offered exactly as described.  Please check before visiting.