Market Square Knoxville

Market Square

BrineStans Market Square

BrineStans Market Square

It will be nearly impossible to not visit Market Square during your Knoxville adventure, seeing as this spot is the 'heart and soul' of the city.

Located in the center of downtown, Market Square is an integral part of the city's economic, recreational, cultural, and historical facets, the area holding some of the most prominent events and businesses since first opening in 1854. What first began as a local farmers trading post, meeting spot, and polling station has today grown into the number one spot in the city to find food, entertainment, lodging, and of course, fun!

First and foremost Market Square is, well, a market, an excellent spot to find an easy picnic lunch or dinner with your group while also interacting with locals and learning about local agriculture and food production. An added benefit is that you will be supporting the community during your visit as well, instead of buying typical tourist troves. It should be noted that this portion of Market Square is only open Wednesday through Saturday within the months of May, June, July, October, and November. If you are here during the offseason there is a very good chance you will still be able to visit the market area for a festival or event, however.

Around the square you will find over 13 eateries and 10 shops, some of the more popular places being the Market House Cafe, an excellent spot to grab a sandwich or cup of coffee and enjoy the weather on the patio, or Agora Knoxville, a popular local boutique. Your group may want to come back during the evening to check out the nightlife and entertainment scene, or even find a hotel on the square to stay in that fits your budget!