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Marvel Cave Lantern Tour

The cave that started it all, Marvel Cave is one of the most exciting, famous, and all-around incredible caves in Missouri! What began as a show cave attraction in Branson turned into one of the state's most popular theme parks, Silver Dollar City. Today, you can still enjoy the geological wonder that helped make Missouri the official Cave State!

Marvel Cave was actually first discovered by the Osage Indians in the 16th century, calling it "Devil's den." It was again discovered by Spanish explorers looking for the fountain of youth. Though they didn't encounter that infamous watering hole, they did find echoing limestone caverns, towering stalactites and stalagmites, and phenomenal sights. The first explorers carried lanterns, as you will on the exciting Marvel Cave Lantern Tour!

Explore the biggest caverns like the Cathedral Room and Mammoth Room 300 feet below the surface of the theme park, carrying only the swinging lantern which casts looming shadows on the rocky walls. Hike your way through the many rooms and crevices over the hour-long tour, lead by a knowledgeable and practiced cave guide. You will learn all there is to know about the cave's history, the geology of its structures, and how Marvel Cave helped put Silver Dollar City on the map!

There are other tour options available for the general public. Children under the age of eight are not permitted to participate in the Lantern Tour.