Matanuska Glacier

The largest and most spectacular sight in this area is hands down the Matanuska Glacier. Voted second on the list of "49 Places to See in the 49th State," Matanuska is the largest glacier in all of Alaska that is reachable by vehicle.alaska-67167_1280

Matanuska Glacier is 26 miles long, four miles wide, and is considered a valley glacier which means that it flows like a river under its own weight through already existing valleys. This massive glacier’s journey began 10,000 years ago and has undergone a visible shift in location, but has been fairly dormant the past two decades in regards to movement. The glacier stretches from within the Chugach Mountain Range and goes to the appropriately named village of Glacier View, Alaska. Though most visible from the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway, there are also several opportunities along the nearby roads to take in panoramic views of the ice king.

If you follow the highway to mile marker 101 your group will encounter the Matanuska Glacier Recreation Area, a 271-acre park setting designed to give guests the opportunity to walk the scenic trails or just rest and take in the views of the close-by glacier. At mile marker 102 you will be able to go to Glacier Park, a privately owned park that is the only access point to the glacier, allowing you to drive right up to it and take in the wildlife and scenery as closely as possible. You can even hike on the glacier from here! While your group is here take notice of the nicer than usual weather, caused by the dynamics of the "weather hole" that is the Matanuska Glacier!