May Natural History Museum

butterfly-522633_1280Afraid of creepy crawlies? Well then prepare for an interesting couple of hours as you explore the world’s largest private insect collection at the May Natural History Museum. This museum had its beginnings as a classic roadside attraction, fueled and filled by local townsman James May over 80 years of travelling the world to find over 100,000 specimens! This bug museum has over 7,000 species of rare giant insects, related creatures, and rare artifacts. Bug enthusiasts, scientists, and creepy crawly explorers will delight in the chance to observe different butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders, and deadly scorpions. There is even a prehistoric beetle inside that is so big it can knock people over in flight!

Inside, you will see freakish 17-inch long walking sticks, wicked and long centipedes, prehistoric looking beetles, neon bright butterflies, deadly worms and stinging scorpions. The bugs are held in simple century-old wooden cases, lit by antique lamps set against a white backdrop wall, putting all the focus on the bugs themselves. This museum even holds the largest collection of tropical bugs and giant spiders (don’t worry, they’re all dead!). Be sure to bring a camera to pose by the roadside giant beetle, explore the bug infested gift shop, and pack a brunch to picnic outside and enjoy the view. The museum is located at the beautiful base of the Rocky Mountains in Rock Creek Canyon, only 8 miles south of Colorado Springs, a beautiful 1950s Americana pocket of gold that serves as the most gorgeous scenery for your visit!