Maze Room Austin

Maze Room Austin

Work as a team to solve puzzles, explore clues, and use available tools combined with logic and your senses to find the keys and open the door to freedom within 60 minutes!

Welcome to Maze Room Austin, the top-rated escape room venue in the entire city.

Maze Room provides a physical game scenario in which you will be 'locked' in a room with other participants and must use elements of that room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. These games are great for team building, quality family fun time, an unusual night on the town, and a critical thinking student activity.

There are 3 main options at Maze Room Austin, each lasting 1 hour with varying participant numbers and difficulty levels.

  • The Shed - 2-4 Players, Hard
    • Will you be able to escape this encounter with Austin's 'Capitol Cannibal'?
  • Spy Safe House - 2-8 Players, Medium
    • Espionage, the Cold War, and too many secrets to count...can you handle the Spy Safe House?
  • Pharoah's Tomb - 2-8 Players, Hard
    • Uncover the greatest hidden mystery of Ancient Egypt by following the clues left behind by your kidnapped archaeology professor.