Mexic-Arte Museum

The premiere fine arts museum dedicated to Mexican and Mexican-American art and artists, the Mexic-Arte Museum of Austin is a fabulous destination for educational student groups and graduation celebratory vacations alike. Also known as the Official Mexican American Fine Arts Museum of Texas, this wonderful establishment works to promote, educate, and inspire visitors with the artistic expressions made by Latino and Mexican artists and culture.

The museum, with ties to world-renowned museums in Mexico City, has an extensive collection and impressive curation of its exhibits. Permanent and temporary exhibitions range in topic from Dia de los Muertos artwork and expression to artist highlights, Mexican textile prints, and young Latin American artists under 20. While the art on display at the Mexic-Arte Museum is always revolving, your group is sure to find the most authentic representations of the Latin American culture, heritage, and contemporary art.

In addition to its wonderful exhibits, the Mexic-Arte Museum is renowned for its outreach programs for underserved youths particularly of Latino and/or Mexican heritage.