Miami vs Jacksonville: Student Budget Tips

Summer may have just arrived, but field trip season is just around the corner! It’s time to decide where your group is heading next year, figure out your budget, and start setting it up! We want to help out by putting two of our most popular summer-time destinations up against each other in a true battle of the beaches!

We understand that sometimes choosing the perfect location for your student trip, whether it is for fun or for educational purposes, can be extremely difficult, especially when budget and fundraising are factors.

To help the decision-making process Adventure Student Travel has created a handy guide to Florida travel, comparing two of the most popular destinations on the basis of airfare, lodging, attraction, and education.

Miami is a stunning city and beach location that has always been popular for student groups, from summertime city excursions to educational marine life fun. Jacksonville is also a very popular location for our company, the city providing wildlife education and entertaining beachside activities throughout.

Take these various travel factors as tips on budget planning and attraction scoping before your next big Florida adventure!

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