Miami Zoo

Red Eyed  Tree Frog

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Miami Zoo

Zoo Miami is South Florida’s premier zoo with all of your favorite animals plus a few new friends. Designed and devoted to the health and happiness of the animals, Zoo Miami is one of the top zoos in the United States. Set in the lush tropical greenery of Florida, Zoo Miami is the perfect destination for groups of all ages.

Open weekdays from 10-5 and on weekends from 9:30-5:30, Zoo Miami is dedicated to creating a fun, comfortable, inviting environment for visitors and animals alike. Come to see your African animal favorites like lions, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, and African elephants and meet some new friends along the way. Stop by the Amazon to meet anacondas, pythons, a variety of fish, insects, and the colorful red-eyed tree frog. Komodo dragons, Cuban crocodiles, and tortoises may peek their heads out to say hello as you walk by to visit the Malayan sun bear and singing dogs, both beautiful and unique additions to the zoo family.

Zoo Miami is also a very accommodating attraction with programs and encounters for all ages and interests. See a show at the Sami Family Amphitheater, visit the small and gentle creatures at the children’s zoo, or visit the Playworld Playground. On those really hot days, take your kids to one of the many water play areas to cool down. Unlike a lot of zoos, Zoo Miami gives you up-close encounters with the animals to give greater appreciation and education of these gentle beings. Ride a camel, have an encounter with a rhino, or even feed parrots and giraffes.

Stop by for a fun afternoon with friends and family or stay for the whole day and experience everything Zoo Miami has to offer.