Middleton Place

Middleton Place

Home to America's oldest landscaped gardens, Middleton Place is what the Garden Club of America called "the most important and most interesting garden in America.” Situated on 65 waterfront acres, the plantation estate ushers in visitors, praise and awards for its stunning historic landmarks, lovely farmland, interesting animals, and exquisite gardens.

There are three tour destinations at Middleton Place: the house museum, the stableyards, and the award-winning gardens. Each is unique and fantastically representative of historic South Carolina while each holding distinctive personalities and charm. The gardens are, of course, the breadwinner of the estate and show off camelias that have been blooming annually for centuries, azaleas, magnolias, roses and more accenting the natural features of the sloped waterfront property.

The estate stableyards have been recently renovated and you'll be pleased to see, fully stocked with historically significant livestock species. Costumed interpreters will lead your group around the stables and show you the livestock that would have been owned by an 18th-19th-century rice plantation. Cashmere goats, Guinea Hogs, River Water Buffalo, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows among others can be found in the stables. Also see here demonstrations of craft artisans such as weavers, blacksmiths, potters, and others who would have kept the plantation in working condition.

Finally, we come to the house museum. Built in 1755, Middleton Place and the house museum within displays the history of four generations of the Middleton family as they lived on the estate. Find wholly authentic family possession, decor and furniture, pottery and silver, rare books, portraits of family members, and more on display. Learn about how the Middleton family played an important role in American history, raising one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and how the plantation's position continues to shape the face of Charleston.


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