Milk Studios

Milk Studios

Milk Studio is a widely recognized fashion and media company located along 15th Street in the Chelsea District of Manhattan, as well as a location in L.A. This company is well-known for ‘standing at the crossroads of the fashion, music, photography, and film worlds’, a media company who has partnered with some of the most visually talented and innovative brands since its inception.

The particular studio in NYC contains Studios 1-4, the Loft, Penthouse, and Studios A-D, each splashed with a background-melting white coat, perfect for fashion shows and photography events! If you are lucky enough to be here during fashion week then you are at the must-stop of the entire experience, and if you are not you will still be able to catch any current fashion shows or events happening inside! This is truly a ‘great space for an event, photography, art, and fashion’, the perfect spot for any art or fashion snobs in your group.

Not only is this one truly iconic fashion stop for your group with tons of opportunities to see something bold and brilliant, but Chelsea Market is still just right across the street if you need to grab something to eat, and there are even really popular indie rock shows that take place here regularly! Fashion education, dinner, and maybe even a show, sign us up! 


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