Minuteman National Historical Park

Minute_Man_StatueCommemorating the first battle of the Revolutionary War, Minuteman National Historical Park is at once the perfect New England setting for a relaxing day of recreation and also a deeply historically significant site for educational learning. Located in Concord, the park brings visitors through its borders into the past where Redcoats fought patriots striving for independence.

Several of the structures and battlefield artifacts located on the park's property date back to that fateful battle on April 19, 1775. Start at the Visitors Center to pick up a map and see historical displays of particular moments in time or attend a program such as "The Road to Revolution," a film depicting Paul Revere's Ride as well as several battles. From there, take the informative and spectacularly scenic (especially in the fall) Battle Road Trail, much of which follows the original battle road, leading five miles between Meriam's Corner in Concord and the eastern side of the park. Stop at the Hartwell Tavern, the home of Ephraim and Elizabeth Hartwell, serving today as an authentic example of 18th century life. You can find ranger led programs at the Tavern from June through October. Finally, make sure you stop at The Wayside: Home of Authors, a large house once playing home to such famous authors as Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Harriet Lothrop, otherwise known as Margaret Sidney.

Whatever your group dynamic, tastes, or when you visit, Minuteman National Historical Park is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or even a full day.