Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

Welcome to another great Cripple Creek destination, the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. This attraction is considered America’s favorite gold mine, and is also the world’s only 1,000 foot vertical shaft gold mine tour. Within this mining cave your group will experience the Old West exactly as it was for hard rock gold miners in Cripple Creek. A one hour guided tour will take you 100 stories down into the gold mine to witness the evolution of gold mining methods from 1891 to the present. Within this  mine you will experience the sights and sounds of air powered mining equipment, view gold veins in their natural state, and ride one of the only remaining (in working condition) air powered tram trains.

stone-389063_1280The air powered equipment you will have the opportunity to use includes tuggers, slushers, stopper drills, drifter drills, jack leg drills, and a unique and authentic 1890s hoister. Take a spin with the double jack or muck, or on the Mine Foreman mine-rail-bike if you’re feeling really adventurous! On the air powered tram train you will travel the same century old mine rail used for transporting several tons of gold out of the mine. You will also see the Tellurides-of-gold-ore section, showing samples from Mollie Kathleen herself in 1891, including sylvanite nuggets, a calaverite cluster, and information on the Gold Vug epic discovery of 1914. After your tour is done you will each receive a free gold ore specimen and have the chance to go dine at the Hard Rock Diner, a unique dining atmosphere you won’t want to miss!