Molly Brown House

Molly Brown House

Dedicated to the life of American philanthropist, socialite, and activist Molly Brown, the Molly Brown House Museum is a truly interesting and insightful stop to make in Denver with your group.

Molly Brown was not only a very well known local activist, but she was also known as 'unsinkable' Molly Brown, a nickname given after she survived the infamous Titanic crash.

The home itself is an 1889 mansion filled with Victorian-era furnishings and art, the architectural style reflecting that of Queen Anne style. The tours of the home 'enhance Denver's unique identity by telling the story of Molly Brown through education, exhibits, and stewardship.'

Take a 45 minute guided tour of the place, a tour that over 45,000 other guests take part in each year. The tour will start at the Carriage House Visitor Center and lead you through all the major rooms and grounds. You can also opt-in for a specialty tour or school tour. School groups, in particular, will enjoy Molly's Neighborhood Walking Tour and House Tour, the tours aimed for 3rd graders through high schoolers. Knowledge of state history, women's history, mining history, and architecture will be discussed in-depth, along with the life of Molly Brown in general.

*Note: This museum is closed Mondays


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