Monkey Jungle

monkey-428032_1280Wholly unique and full of personality, Miami’s Monkey Jungle is a wildlife park where the monkeys run wild. Instead of the animals in the cage, it’s humans who are caged. The animals at Monkey Jungle live as if they are free, making them happier and more energetic than those in traditional zoo exhibits. Come see for yourself and learn what it really means to "monkey around."

Established in 1955, Monkey Jungle utilizes the natural subtropical forest of south Florida to happily house 30 acres of animals. There are several tours and experiences to try out at Monkey Jungle like the Wild Monkey Swimming Pool and Trail where you can see Java Macaques wade and splash through their own pond. Meet orangutans and see how the resident orangutan, Mei, interacts with her zookeepers. If you are interested in primates, visit the Cameroon Gorilla Forest to see a large male gorilla or visit the Amazonian monkeys as they roam wherever they please. See smiling squirrel monkeys, meet the black-capped capuchins who are often used in movies and television shows, and hear the screech of the howler monkey as he leaps from tree limbs.

The most popular and most comprehensive experience to be had at Monkey Jungle is the Rainforest Adventure Tour. Participants can walk through the habitat and even have an up-close encounter with squirrel monkeys. Feed capuchin monkeys, explore the rainforest, and make new friends.

Monkey Jungle is open daily at 9:30 and closes their gates at 5:00 pm.