Monterey Old Town Historic District

Visit the site where the American flag first flew over the Golden State, casting the grand ole red, white, and blue on what was once sovereign Spanish land. Explore history through the many landmarks and restored historic buildings like the Cooper-Melora Adobe Complex, California's First Brick House, as well as Colton Hall, the first City Hall of Monterey and the site where the California Constitution was drafted. The Monterey Old Town Historic District preserves not only history but the cultural evolution of the West Coast, from Spanish and Mexican rule through the Gold Rush of 1849 and beyond.

California, more than any other state, was a gathering place for people of all backgrounds and nationalities, a true cultural melting pot. While in Monterey, stop by the Old Town Historic District for a relaxed look through time, a meandering stroll in a scenic district on the seaside with the sounds of Monterey Bay in the background. The Monterey Old Town Historic District offers guided tours of historic landmarks and restored homes as well as beautiful museum exhibits. Visit the Old Whaling Station featuring Monterey's only walkway made completely of whale vertebrae, the Old Custom House which is one of the oldest existing buildings on the Pacific Coast, and much more. If you're looking for an interesting afternoon of touring, the Monterey Old Town Historic District is the perfect educational destination for your student group!