Monterey Zoo

Monterey Zoo

Welcome to ‘Monterey’s Newest Adventure’, the Monterey Zoo, formally known as Wild Things Animal Rentals Inc. This new zoo adventure puts you ‘where the wild things are’ as you get up close and personal with over 100 different exotic animals.

The vision for this zoo began with Charlie Sammut, who bought the 51 acre ‘Vision Quest Ranch’ in 1994.  He began his journey with a cougar and lion cub, one of whom later starred in Hollywood’s The Lion King (take a lucky guess which one), his love affair quickly growing from there.

Within the zoo you will see big and small cats, bears, elephants, birds, hoofed and toed animals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, primates, and mammals all throughout, with a big emphasis placed on the elephants, it seems. Your group can take a daily tour at 1 pm daily (additional tour time at 3 pm during the summer months) and spend an hour walking through the exhibits, then participate in an animal Meet and Greet at the Elephant Play Yard if you would like. There are also other special tours upon request, such as the all-day (6 hours total) Walk With the Animals Tour, food provided, or the 2-hour Pachyderm Package in which you will be able to feed and bathe an elephant friend.

There are several options for educational programs during your visit, all custom tailored to fit your specific age groups learning needs. 

**Please note the zoo is under construction currently and the guided tour at 1:00 is the only way to see the animals.