MOOYAH Burgers and Fries

There are several great choices for food while in Birmingham, but maybe none quite as mooyahmenuitem1juicy as MOOYAH Burgers and Fries, a newer city staple for burger lovers. MOOYAH is a classic American cuisine eatery that boasts the title of the ‘best burgers in Birmingham’, this beef-filled hotspot located in the University of Alabama Birmingham Medical Plaza. Taking a high spot on 7th Avenue, this chain was first established in 2007, the entire franchise well known in the restaurant world for their various fundraising and franchising opportunities. The vibe is always fresh and funky, the service is always efficient, and the food is always beyond delicious, especially here in Birmingham!

Inside you will find several different choices for never-frozen beef, all-natural turkey burgers, and even black bean veggie burgers, not to mention their highly popular all-beef hotdogs as well. Pair any burger with hand cut french fries or sweet potato fries, the entire eating experience voted to be ‘one of the best restaurants in Birmingham’, especially for larger groups, in our opinion. Try the Classic MOOYAH burger, the healthy Iceburger wrapped in lettuce, or the most recently popular beef king, the swiss, cranberry, and fried onion covered Thanksgiving Burger. MOOYAH has several choices for salads and simple shakes as well, making this the perfect ‘typical American’ eatery!