Morris Island Lighthouse

A historic beacon of light, the Morris Island Lighthouse stands still on the southern side of Charleston Harbor off the coast of a small town, City of Folly Beach. First lit in 1876, the lighthouse is the second to stand on the site, the first being a colonial lighthouse handed over to the federal government in 1789. The original lighthouse was destroyed during the Civil War and wasn't fully replaced until the new Morris Island Lighthouse in 1876. The lighthouse remained manned until the 1930s when it was deemed unfit by the Coast Guard. Because of erosion problems on Morris Island, a new lighthouse was built at the north side of Charleston Harbor in 1962. As a historical landmark, Morris Island Lighthouse continues to be preserved by operations like Save the Light, Inc. and others.

Though groups cannot travel to the Morris Island Lighthouse, it is visible from the City of Folly Beach shoreline and is best seen at sunrise and sunset when the lighthouse's silhouette is backlit by a gorgeous array of colors.